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HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT work out - Assignment ExampleIn addition, there was no synchronization linking paper and electronic information policies and the get to maintain privacy with justifiably free information.This poor quality documentation may be ghost since national attempts at consistency often get deafen by the absolute complication of the affected role care (Michelle, 2006, P. 97). Even though, they do not say so openly, it might be incidental that until tutelage the high-quality fiber records begins to matter enough to clinicians slight general or no reliable adjust skunk be anticipated.There is a lack of standardized approaches to the documentation that would permit continuous records evaluated requirements, and resultant strategies of health care. Following a number of services, every qualified group is still using separate reason remarks, held or kept in diverse places, and not expected to be entranceible when needed. The place of storing lineament record s in the practice of local health services might show slight pleasure of their significance. entertain a situation where the hospital would like to attend to an emergency patient. The Health information management does this. This mooring is ten miles far from the scene, and this is where the records are kept. Since there is a lack of an electronic system, the twist arounds cannot verify easily on the past contact of the patient they are about to interrogate. Local tradition does not make access to any available case record in the health centre. During the operational hours, if it is identified that a case file is available, the medical records physician may be convinced to fax a few of the nigh current letters stored in the case record. Unfortunately, no such skill would exist. The excellent idea the doctor can then anticipate is that a nurse in the hospital delicate area knows the patient and be able to give some related information. Under such conditions, practice can exclusi vely be based on guesswork and speculations.Coppin state community health care is a

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Monty python and the Holy Grail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Monty python and the blessed grail - Essay grammatical caseThe main idea brought out by Blythe and Sweet is that the best way to understand and think of the natator is through the quest for the Holy Grail. The whole essay is mostly concentrated on relating The Swimmer to the Holy Grail. This idea is driven by the act of Neddy being helped by the old wise man, but non paying attention to his assistance, and the way he refuses to comprehend his inspiration and quest. On the other hand, the knights behave in a completely opposite manner from Neddy. These factors are what links Neddy to the Grail quest. The authors show how the Swimmer tail be a story about a certain myth, and at the same time go through a critical examination and linking the Swimmer to the quest of the Holy Grail. In Cheevers story, the modus vivendi portrayed is hedonistic and sybaritic, involving a lot of drinking and partying. The cup is viewed as the Grail symbol, and here, its utilise for selfish enjoyment. Ch eever uses a language that makes him Grail hero when introducing his protagonist. Neddy Merrill has the feeling that he is a man with a destiny. Cheever insists that Neddy is a unique figure because of his youth slenderness and he has the physical ability to dive rashly into the pool, displaying his swimming skills. He also has a wife, daughters and a mistress, which makes him a grail hero. As a Grail hero, Neddy begins his quest, but because he is drunk, he believes he can get to his home by water. His quest was a selfish one since he was doing everything just for himself.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Analytical Frameworks to Global Essay

Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Analytical Frameworks to ball-shaped Supply Chains - Essay ExampleThis paper illustrates that in todays competitive scenario, competitive advantage can be developed and customers can be satisfied through managing transportation, production schedules and plans, instruction flow and inventory. There are organizations competing on the global platform by collaboratively working with various outside(a) suppliers, outsourcing as well as marketing to consumers located across the globe. The global reality puts more emphasis on fork up chain management to be successful. Global cede chains mainly center on global business and there are different analytic frameworks that support the process. There is the useable and strategic way of thinking about add up chains so as to identify the abstract mechanism in a particular context. For an entrepreneur or an organization to be successful, it is essential that vicissitude is incorporated into supply cha ins in order to achieve desired outcomes. This study will center on three major analytical frameworks related to global supply chains such as supply chain management, global commodity chains, and global production networks. Their respective internal distinctivenesss and weakness disembarrass their suitability in a significant global business framework. When organizations get involved in supply chain they need to make efficient decisions regarding ways of handling primary supply chain activities. For instance, Toyota is an angel example when it comes to describing the concept of supply chain management. This company outsourced certain(p) factors of a supply chain in which they were not proficient. Toyota was able to design a JIT system since it had a strong relationship with its suppliers. Often for an effective supply chain management, it is essential to have all components aligned with common goals and objectives. There are certain major strengths associated with supply chain management such as it enhances the level of profit margins. Due to supply chain management, an organization can coordinate well with its suppliers and end customers to achieve high margins of revenue. A supply chain management even facilitates less of time delays that help in sustaining business operations in a competitive environment. On the other hand, flexibility can be regarded as other strength of supply chain management.

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Personal Worldview Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

individual(prenominal) Worldview Paper - Essay ExampleThe theorists and researchers as well prevail always been interested since ever in exploring the history and origin of world views people get down developed in their minds about countless issues, which have been being transferred from one generation to the other for the last several centuries. The researches reveal that the religious people, philosophers, intellectuals and thinkers have rendered priceless services in respect of making the minds of the people about various realities attributed to the universal phenomena. The worldview, according to sing Hill, concentrates upon the basic way of interpreting things and events that pervades a culture so thoroughly that it becomes that cultures displaceiment of reality (The American Scientific Affiliation). Hence, the adherence of a large majority of the people to the norms, values, mores, taboos, traditions, customs, cult and festivals etc rule in some specific social establis hment turns out to be decisive is respect of transferring the heathen traits from one generation to the other and so on (Macionis & Plummer, 2008). ... The adherents of Christianity make up the greatest religious participation of the world. The belief system of the faith seeks inspiration from the Holy Scripture Bible, which is viewed to be the word of God sent from the Lord for the spiritual uplift and moral guidance of the humanity. Hence, the Bible can be stated as the finest and most reliable source of inspiration for the entire Christian community existing on the panorama of the earth. The Bible consists of Old and New Testaments, which concentrates upon the covenant made between God and the House of Jacob regarding the worship of God, kip down for Christ, obedience of the parents, and strict adherence to the commandments clearly mentioned in the Scripture are the source of a cheering life on the earth, as well as the only way to obtain eternal succeeder in the life herea fter (Flannelly et al, 20084). Being the most authentic source of the Christian faith, Bible lays sieve upon strict observance of patience, endurance, tolerance, fair play, justice and sacrifice. I have learned from the Scripture (Leviticus, 18-19). The same views have been endorsed by the saints and preachers that a true Christian should follow the commands of God by worshipping Him, and obeying ones parents and elders. I was taught that the Christians are forbidden from imposing any hurt on others. Being a Christian, I anathemise stealing, debauchery, extra marital relationships, homosexuality and hurting and harming the neighbors (Leviticus, 19 7-16). The records of the Christs life and sayings, preserved in the minds and hearts of his followers, also endorsed the true teachings of Jesus, which were followed and transferred from one generation to the other on the one hand, and

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The Divergence of U.S. and UK Takeover Regulation Essay - 1

The Divergence of U.S. and UK Takeover Regulation - Essay Examplewho decides the rules of coup in both countries. Rules of takeover in the UK be the outcome of the self regulation where interests of institutional investors play an valuable role while on the other hand the US judicial setup holds the responsibility of takeover rules and thus, limiting the influence of shareholders over making of rules. In the UK, shareholders perspectives play an important role in deciding about takeover bids and thus, takeover regime is privatized. Easterbook and Fischel proposed limited capability of managers to defend takeovers which did non become mathematical function of practice in the US after its dismissal by the Delaware Court and takeover decisions are console based on decisions made by those who manage businesses and they are allow to undertake some(prenominal) types of self-abnegation actions such as the poison pill or shareholder rights plan to undermine bidders stake. These tact ical maneuver are prohibited in the UK and without the consent of shareholders managers cannot maneuver any tactic in defense. However, in the UK managers are allowed to make use of embedded defenses which may involve issuance of dual-class voting stock or several other ways to take action before any bidder takes an offensive position (Armour and Skeel).Takeovers do not always result in higher returns for shareholders therefore it seems more appropriate to leave the decision in case of takeover to shareholders as in the UK. However, it is noted that the number of takeovers in the US has been greater than the UK. in that respect could be several reasons including the veto power of directors who may feel that they are not entitled to capable incentives from the shareholders. In the UK, bidder can lodge a protest against managers actions to the Takeover Panel comprising of representatives from LSE, BOE, major banks and institutional investors. on that point is a greater flexibility in dealing of this Panel and limited

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Consumer influence on Companys Production Process Essay - 23

Consumer influence on Companys Production Process - bear witness ExampleThis act of consumers contributing their ideas in the production process is what is referred to in this article as co-production. nearly researchers refer to co-creation and co-production as almost meaning the same thing (Lusch & Obrien, 2006).This essay is going to be aimed at summarizing the trend that is now taking place in production processes. Consumers catch identified that they need to twist a role throughout the production process from conception of a product, its production, market, to final consumption stage. Marketers have also realized the need to incorporate the other players in co-production with examples being evidenced by the figure of speech of engagement marketers have with consumers. The example is the case of Kao Corporation, the makers of Ban deodorant, with an attempt to capture the input from customers in the marketing process, held a contest asking girls and young women to create pr int advertisements that would resonate with other consumers (Vranica, 2005). It is reported that the contest drew thousands of entries, thereby adding to the fact that consumers are willing to participate in the product marketing.This trend where collaborationism exists between producers and consumers has resulted in the struggle to control the product. Producers are now in a dilemma on how, and how much of their production should be left to the manipulation by consumers. They already know that consumers are unceasingly becoming a force to reckon with in production process and ignoring them is just like refinement a disaster. Through virtual communities, consumers have continued to analyze products thoroughly resulting in a victory or complete flop of the same depending on whether the product meets their expectations or not.

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Cannabis Use Policy in the USA and Netherlands and Its Implication for Essay

Cannabis Use insurance policy in the USA and Netherlands and Its Implication for Policy Change in the UK - Essay ExampleResearch studies on hempen necktie use policies have revealed that easing up on the penalties for using cannabis does not regularise the use of other drugs nor does it change peoples outlooks towards the use of drugs. The research studies go on to expound that removing the penalties for cannabis use do not sway overall drug use, instead, it diminishes harm on cannabis users (Institute of Medicine 1999, p. 102). As a result, more countries are liberalizing their cannabis use policies and coverling its supply by putting structures in place to monitor drug use. Several states in the USA and Netherlands have adoptive such policy changes in which marijuana use has been liberalized. Individuals who use marijuana in small no longer face criminal charges for acception and use of marijuana. Those in obstinance of large amounts are settle down liable to be prosecuted. They have, however, placed caps on the maximum amount of marijuana that an individual can possess at any given time. Cannabis is a drug produced from the Cannabis sativa plant and can be used in either of three forms flower tops leaves and herbs. The three forms can then be processed into forms that make them easier to use. It is the most widely used drug globally (Villatoro 2009, p. 287). Cannabis international control was discussed in the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime 1961 single convention on Narcotics Drugs in which many a(prenominal) governments signed the convention to make cannabis an illegal drug. It is important to note that despite cannabis possession and use being liberalized in some countries, no country has ever legalized cannabis use and possession. The except respite provided for cannabis users is that formal penalties for use of small amounts of cannabis, that are used personally, have been removed (Robin et al. 2010, p. 24 Spruit 2002, pp. 119-141).

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Mexico Research Assignment Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mexico Assignment - Research Paper ExampleThe establishment of Mexico is a Federal Republic. Mexico accepts jurisdictions from ICCt with provisos. The official language of Mexico is Spanish. Mexico City is the largest city and capital of Mexico. Other major cities are Ecatepec, Puebla, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Nezahualcoyotl. The currency of Mexico is Mexi lav peso (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). Free market forces and privatization dominate the Mexican market. It is make up of modern as well as outmoded agriculture and industry. The per capita income of Mexican someone is one terzetto of that of U.S. According to CIA the Gross Domestic Product (Purchasing Power Parity) of Mexican economy is $1.683 trillion as of 2011. macrocosm a member of NAFTA, Mexico enjoys the benefits of increased imports from the U.S also Canadian imports have increased to 5%. Mexico also has made several free trade agreements with countries such as Japan, the European Free trade Area, El Salvador , Honduras, and Guatemala. Mexico has 1,724 airports which is the third largest in the world. It has one helicopter as of 2012. There are fifty two merchant marines. The ports and terminals of Mexico acknowledge Altamira, lazaro Cardenas, Salina Cruz, Dos Bocas terminal, Cayo Arcas terminal, Coatzacoalcos, Manzanillo, Altamira, and Veracruz. There are 19.892 million telephone users and 91.363 million cell phone users in Mexico as of 2009. There are 15.165 million internet hosts and 31.02 million internet users in mexico as of 2010 (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). papist Catholicism is the major religion of Mexican people. Other minorities are from other dominations of Christianity. The culture of Mexico is a pass away of Mexican and Spanish traditions as an influence of Spanish rule over Mexico for over 300 years. Today, legion(predicate) traditions from U.S have been made part of the Mexican culture. Mexican tradition is a family oriented one with family determine and norm s being the top most priority. Major festive of Mexico include Cinco de whitethorno which is celebrated on May 5th each year as a festive of freedom, liverty, and independence El Grito de Independencia which is the official holiday (the Independence Day) Los Dias de Los Muertos which actually means Day of Dead but is a Mexican celebration of twain living and dead. It is celebrated on November 1 and 2. Punctuality is not an issue as more render is laid upon personal commitements. The time for appointments is between 10am and 1pm but late afternoon is always considered a sulfur choice (Berg,1997). Like most of the cultures, business entertaining is an important part of Mexican lifestyle as well. Most of the business meetings take place at breakfast or at lunch and can go on for more than two hours. There is no rule as to what will be the highlight of business meetings sometimes they talk about business sometimes not. But, it is a great notice to build up personal relationships. A large meal is served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner party in Mexico with alcoholic beverage served at lunch and dinner time but mostly its a norm of dinner time. Breakfasts at the hotel you staying are also common. Private home meetings are not the norm of Mexican society. The person who usually invites payments the bills but if you are a client and other party supplier it is best you pay the bills. Splitting bills is a poor strategy (World Business Culture). In Mexico, men are supposed to move hands when meeting a person and then leaving but they should wait for the women to

North by Northwest Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

North by Northwest - Movie Review ExampleThe purpose of this paper is to take apart Hitchcocks impression North by Northwest. This will be done by providing the plot and thickset of the movie. The paper will later look into the use of cinematography, mines-en -scene and editing to bring out the thoughts and fillings of the main persona Thornhill. The paper later provides a concluding paragraph on the contents of the paper in affinity to the theses. Plot summary The movie begins when two gangsters mistakenly kidnap the wrong man. This is a result of Thornhill cosmos in the wrong place at the right time. The man kidnapped is an advertising agent who is new to this world. He is wrongfully accuse of being an Ameri offer spy responsible for the death of a Russian private service agent. Based on the time when the cold war had taken center stage, the movie addresses the activities that occur between the two sides of the war. Thornhill is thereby, forced to defend himself by proving his real identity. For him to achieve this, he must channelize his identity in order to protect himself. The movie is defined by the use of adventure, comedy and close to of all suspense. Aided by his accomplice Eve Kendall, they set to find out the identity of the unquestionable spy so that they can go back to their normal lives. In their quest to do so, they atomic number 18 met with many challenges making them take refuge in different locations of the country. Use of cinematography Cinematography makes up for most of the features of an entire movie. It comprises of the use of the camera, photography, shooting and picture making. The camera is one of the most essential devices in the making of a film. It is used to emphasize the angles that the director views as the most critical part of the film. The movie generally does not portray a lot of the use of the camera. One of the pivotal scenes where the camera is used is during the end of the film where Roger Thornhill and Eve K endalls lives are in danger. The director shows Thornhill look for a fashion out by first glancing to the left, right and then back to the left as Eve Kendall is clutching on to him for dear life. This brings out his desperation in that he has few options to choose from. All he can picture is his whole life flash before him. The use of shadows across the faces of Mount Rushmore brings out the extravagance of the scene. The sniper who shoots their attacker miraculously saves them. The camera is pointed towards the attacker who is situated on the floor and, later tilted towards the statement of the sniper. This scene also displays the use of twists to maximize on the suspense of the movie. Mines-en -scene Mines-en-scene is the display of the view, picture and the location of a movie in general. The movie utilizes this factor significantly in that it is set in different parts of the country. Thornhill eventually runs for his life and take refuge in several parts of the country. Hitc hcock achieved this by shooting scenes in pivotal places such as Mount Rushmore that is known for the presidential faces during the end of the movie. This is where he redeems himself by proper a hero in a turn of events. Another area where the director displays mines-en-scene is in the linked Nations building located in New York. The use of a hidden camera was enabled so as to view the entrance of Thornhill as he climbs the stairs. What sets this movie apart from the rest of

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Workers with disabilities Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Workers with disabilities - Research Paper ExampleThe legislations aim to ensure that both the public and the private organizations have the eligible and qualified disabled individuals in their system. The workers suffering from disabilities can perform well if provided with opportunities and appropriate accommodations by their employing organizations. However, there are instances of biasness and secretion against such individuals on the basis of their disabilities. Thus, regardless of the vast economic culture throughout the world and the enormous progress made in the field of anti- discrepancy against individuals on the basis of their race, nationality, gender, show as well as disabilities, the workers with disabilities continue to face workplace or employment dissimilitude public treasury date. The paper attempts to analyze the current situation and legal precedence prevalent regarding the prevention of workplace discrimination on the base of disabilities. For this purpose , the study discusses the Federal Laws in practice to prohibit such kind of discriminations amongst the individuals. The study in like manner discusses the role played by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in providing a fair environment to all individuals irrespective of their disabilities. The role of the EEOC on instances of alleged discrimination by the employees has also been discussed. The study confers about the history of the formation of the prevalent federal regulations against disability discrimination. The study is significant because in spite of the numerous regulations implemented by the Government of US and enormous effort made by the Government, there is still large number of discrimination cases visible. Therefore, the study is significant to understand the past circumstance and the present scenario of workplace discrimination against the disabled population. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 institution 5 Workers with Disabilities Continue To Face Workplace/Employment Discrimination 6 History of the Anti- disability Discrimination movement 8 Current Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination against the Disabled Workers 11 Conclusion 13 References 15 Introduction Disability is a very wide concept and hence there are various perceptions and definitions of disability. The Oxford dictionary defines disability as a physical incapacity that is either congenital or caused by injury or disease limiting an individuals ability to work (Mathaphuna, 2007). The Americans with Disability set defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an individual, a record of such an impairment and being regarded as having such an impairment (The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2011). The disabled people all over the world chiefly face a lot of discrimination in their workplace, though they are otherwise competent in their work. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which was formed in 1965 under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, compel laws prohibiting the discrimination by the employers amongst their employees on the basis of race, religion, nationality, color, gender, age or disability. The EEOC had enforced regulations against any kind of discrimination in hiring, promotion, dismissal, salary and all the other relevant terms as well as conditions of employment. The administration of United States realized the significance of guarding the interests of the disabled people and checking unjust treatment of the disabled employees. The American with Disability Act (ADA) was hence passed in 1990, to minimize the workplace discrimination against the disabled workers. The Act banned discrimination ag

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Pick on topic from my uploaded resources Assignment

Pick on topic from my uploaded resources - Assignment ExampleEconomists determine recess with the help of some conventional Macroeconomic indicators analogous Investment Spending, employment, business profits, capacity utilization, household income and inflation. If the general level of all these macroeconomic indicators is falling, then the prudence is most likely to encounter recession. It is pertinent to mention here that as the level of these indicators fall, the level of unemployment and bankruptcies progression on the other hand.The two most important factors that have significant importance on levels of recession are Unemployment and Inflation. In the time of 1930s, when our world encountered Great Depression, most economies of the modern world like Germany were approach hyperinflation. Inflation exceeding the boundaries of Galloping Inflation can make the economy go down thousand times faster .Moreover, inflation accompanying unemployment causes the economy to collapse completely.Recession can be controlled by implementing disparate policies and by triggering different factors. Countries usually try to overcome recession by announcing sound and stringent monetary and Monetary policies. Interest Rates are raised and unemployment is eradicated with the help of different schemes and policies.We know that the global crude petroleum market is a complete oligopoly being run by a few powerful inunct exporting countries and consortiums. The oligopoly of petroleum Market is very strong because of the fact that the International demand for oil pose is relatively inelastic. Due to this reason, leading oil exporting countries have taken the market completely and are running the market according to their own terms and conditions.This type of competition in the global oil market has made the prices inflexible. With the fact that the prices of many other things are dependent on the rates of oil which is being obtained from the global oil market, therefore, oil being a complementary good controls the pricing

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Assessing the marketing and business capability of small to medium Assignment

Assessing the market and personal credit line capacitance of small to medium sized business linees (SMEs) - Assignment ExampleDiagnostic analyse is one of the important scrutinise tools that examine the marketing operation of a specific business unit. Objective of the study The study has provided the background signal for the crystal clear analyse of the marketing components and activities of the companies under the small and medium scale enterprise. The study has been conducted considering one-third companies such as Jain Estates, Multisoft Systems and Infinity Informatics. Multisoft Systems is an India-based software development company listed under growing SMEs in India. Infinity Informatics is an information technology products development company situated in Bangalore. Jain Estates is one of the emerging real estate company listed under SMEs list in India. These three small and medium scale enterprises are increasing their market reputation slowly and gradually. The m ajor objective of the study is to review or assess the marketing and business capabilities for these small and medium-scale enterprises. In dictate to uncover the study, the following objectives bottomland be set for the purpose of research work. Determining and closing the marketing and business capability counterpane. execution of instrument of marketing audit and toolkits in order to betterment the SMEs business and marketing capabilities. Importance of the Diagnostic audit to measure the marketing performances of the three companies. Elaborating the findings of thorough analysis and recommendation plan for the problem statements. In order to draw a decision, the study needs a conclusion whether the marketing audit is effective or not in terms of the business practices of the three small and medium-scale enterprises. Marketing and business capability gap The gap between the...It is necessary as it identifies and rectifies the problems in business practices. The marketing audi t efficiently assesses the business performance of a company. The owners of SMEs need to learn and implement the audit for the betterment of their business practices. The government should manoeuvre some events or programs related to the awareness and importance of the marketing audit considering the SMEs as the SMEs significantly tolerate to countries economical development. The SMEs owner can be benefited by such awareness programs. Moreover, it is necessary that small and medium-scale enterprises burden an external market auditor due to the small size of industry. In order to evaluate marketing planning and performances and establishment of improved and integrated business strategy, the marketing auditor is need to be name in a SME. Conclusion Without effective assessment of previous business performance, SMEs cannot rectify and improve their business performance in the near future. The above study has clearly stated the potential of small and medium-scale enterprises. Moreov er, it is practicable from the research work that effective marketing audit will help structure the marketing compute for sales and marketing activities of specific products and services.

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Canada's capital region report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Canadas dandy region hide - Essay ExampleThis is a serious challenge facing the National heavy(p) Commission in its attempt to increase Canadians perceptions of and visits to the National nifty Region (NCR).This discipline focused on the research that was conducted by Ipsos-Reid together with other lifestyle and demographic trends to help in identifying cardinal important target markets. The research shows that the perception of the Canadians towards NCR is significantly better after a visit. The reveal analyzes the habits and preferences and proposes a combination of features of the National Capital Region be packaged for each market section. The report recommends a strategic approach that mainly concentrates on influencing visits by two identified market segments. These two target segments exhibit characteristics that make it possible to access them through combination of social media and outlets together with some(prenominal) well established groups that can become advocat es for the cause. This approach will make it possible to reach a large number of positively pre-disposed sightseers and therefore helps in generating vital buzz around the National Canadian Region.As stated above, the primary role of NCC is marketing and communication plan aimed at ensuring that Canadas Capital Region (CCR) remains a source of pride for all Canadians. In regards to the Ipsos-Reid research findings, the following rich statement was developed.This statement serves as the backbone for guiding conceptual development, creative development and serving as a measure against which creative ideas can be evaluated. Every NCC efforts contribute to the brand value and rightfulness of the capital. This requires the implementations of strategic alignment across the organization to make certain that each and every activity ar focused towards developing the capital that will be a source of pride for every Canadian. The larger question is therefore apart from the communication an d marketing plans, what are other strategies that NCC

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INTB-3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

INTB-3000 - Essay ExampleIt is also seen that rise in physical exercise would significantly improve the spending power the people and thereby help improve the overall sparing situation.But while, Keynes was emphatic that economic reforms must be accompanied by lower interest rate so that small businessmen an cope with the financial burden with more latitude, Krugman has been conspicuously silent on this issue of the stimulus package. The blue print of economic reforms has profusely claimed that the huge public investment on development of new technology, improved public transport system, healthcare and education would greatly facilitate change magnitude jobs, improve prospects of new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and help the political relation in reining the falling economy. But the fact that Krugman and government both have not specified the various checks and controls for the disbursement of the stimulus package has become a huge concern for the people at

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Project 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project 2 - Essay Examplealue and the book can be utilized to insure the beginnings of the business of running a church, while ascertaining fundamental principles that remain solid concepts in the current tribunal of church funds.The terms of success within the financial development of a church is based on sound money management principles. McGarrah lists Honest payment of all bills and obligations incurred 2 as the first responsibility in administering the finances of a church. Using this tenant as a basis on which to make decisions roughly how funds leave alone be used allows for the church to be a solid representation of what is impartial and good. Arranging for goods and services to be given in donation should be done before jobs atomic number 18 completed or goods are delivered. To accept an obligation without the intent to make good on the contractual promise creates a poor example to the community and diminishes efforts towards the community in bringing members into the church. As in all things, however the church conducts itself and the way in which it develops relationships is _____________________________________________________________________Another issue that McGarrah addresses is the issue of the salaries the church pays to the minister and other employees who operate the church. McGarrah suggests that to pay a pastor a starvation salary3 is unacceptable and will too reflect poorly on the reputation of the church. A poor reflection will also result from improper allocation to budgets. If budgets are not large enough to meet the needs of the objects of those budgets, thus programs and projects will suffer allowing the appearance of inadequate management of the church funds.It is a harsh truth that a church needs money, just like any other organization, in order to grow and support ministering nourishment to its flock. McGarrah says that History shows that churches which have persistently belittled stewardship and finances, which have not used money in their

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Summary of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Essay Example for Free

Summary of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People EssayStephen swarms obtain The 7 habits of super effective people will help me in a number of distinct ways in the year to come. Not only with world effective in my career, only too my personal life and graduate school. Covey talks about character and personality traits, and uses a bulky example of being in Chicago and having excellent map and reference skills, but if you have a map of Detroit you will not be able to find your way around no effect how good your unoriginal skills are. This is a great example of how it is necessary to possess the primary elements, before your secondary skills idler be used effectively.Covey goes on to talk about the 7 habits of highly effective people in his book, and continues to talk about the difference in relying on personality vs. character ethics. Covey feels that if you rely on personality ethics and the underlying paradigms are the same, simply changing outward behavior is not eff ective. He also talks about how people view things not the way they are, but how they are conditioned to see thing. He uses an example of two groups of people being shown two distinguishable pictures of a young and old woman.Then the groups are shown an abstract containing characteristics of both the old and young woman. apiece group saw the image of the picture they were shown within the abstract. The book presents the 7 habits in an inside-out approach path centering around principles and character. The linchpin points that I got out of reading this book was to approach the way that I look at the world differently. Once I can realize my past conditioning, I can then change the way that I see things in order to be more effective. every blend(predicate) 7 habits will be helpful to me in my future growth, success, and effectiveness.The first is to be proactive. By being proactive, this means to assess a situation and developing a positive response for it, as contrary to report ing it to someone and sitting back and waiting for them to come up with a response. The opposite key points I took from the 7 habits of highly effective people, is to develop a personal mission bidding and to buy the farm time doing what fits into my personal mission. By this I need to identify the key roles I take on in life, and make time for each of these key roles. Another key point is to look for earnings/win agreements and relationships.This means to look for relationships and agreements that are beneficial to both parties, and in the event that there is not the possibility for a win/win to be comfortable to say no deal. The last three habits I found extremely beneficial to me. What I got from these is to first look to understand the other person, and then seek to be understood. Secondly canvas and solve conflict and find a weaken solution to a problem through mutual trust and understanding. Finally, to try and maintain a proportionateness between production and product ion capacity, by looking at the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual dimensions.The 7 habits of highly effective people, has been beneficial to me in a number of different ways. It has helped me look at how I dig things, versus the way that I need to be approaching things. It has also helped me develop a mission statement for myself and to prioritize things based on that personal statement. It has also helped me look at my production and production capacity, and helped me try and understand people before seeking to be understood. I would have to give this book a 9 out of 10.

The Meaning Of Family To The South Asian (Indian) Male Essay Example for Free

The Meaning Of Family To The South Asian (Indian) Male Es adduceThe family is traditionally the core of all Asian societies. Decisions be often carried out while taking into consideration the immediate family, as well as the external family. But in the context of Asian society, the family is not a particularly loving hearty unit.1 In most Asian societies, the family is used as a means of safeguarding property, continuing bloodlines and acquiring more wealth.2Indian society is one such example wherein this reality exists. Sons are granted preferential discussion over their sisters, because the former is expected to run the family business and continue the family name. In addition, customs such as the dower arrangement of rules provide instant fortune to a grooms family. The Indian male, therefore, views the family as a venue wherein he can exercise control and obtain material prosperity.This belief is not without cultural reinforcements. Friends and relatives exclaim congr atulations whenever a baby boy is born to Indian parents. In Indian society, a son is regarded as insurance3 he leave behind inherit his fathers property and will help support the family by originateting a job. In sharp contrast, daughters are seen as additive expenses4 their only place is in the home. The bias against daughters is deeply ingrained in Indian culture that hatful in some parts of India use the expression The servant of your household has been born5 when greeting a family with a newborn daughter.In the Indian family, the father is the provider and the dominant authority figure. He moldiness treat his wife like a servant and be stern and aloof towards his children. The wife, on the otherwise hand, must be loyal, obedient and subservient to her husband. She is supposed to tend to his needs like a constant and devoted servant.Such a rigid and hierarchical family structure often leaves wives feeling neglected and smeard. To get rid of these sentiments, they lavish all their worry to their sons.6 In doing so, they become the provider and the dominant authority figures in their respective families.7 The Indian mother gives her baby, in particular if it is a boy, constant nurturing. The baby is constantly handled, overindulged and is responded to at each whimper.Growing up, male Indian children are made to believe that they deserve to be the center of attention simply because of their gender. Their mothers exempt them from chores, as the former regards housework as a girls job. Upon grasp adolescence, male Indians are encouraged to prove their masculinity by drinking, smoking, gambling and having sex with prostitutes. This societal first moment is not without support from the family there are cases when fathers and uncles are the ones who bring their sons and nephews to the brothel for their first sexual experience.Because of its overemphasis on indulging sons, the aforementioned child-rearing technique produces very irresponsible males. Pampered from infancy, most Indian men end up as wastrels, misusing the resources first of their mothers and later of their wives. Worse, they marry women who were raised to tolerate the capriciousness of their husbands. The conjugal family, as a result, is transformed into an extension of the husbands immediate family. The wife, meanwhile, becomes the husbands replacement for his mother a woman who will cater to his every whim and will overlook even his most estim able-bodied transgressionsThe wife has no choice but to accept and live with this situation society dictates that she shifts her loyalty to her conjugal family upon pairing. Not only is she to take care of her husband she is also to look after her parents-in-law. Indian parents-in-law, especially mothers-in-law, take advantage of this societal obligation by ensuring that the marriage of their sons will provide their family with material benefits.The dowry system is one way of achieving this goal. Although it was alrea dy outlawed in India in 1961, the practice of paying and accept dowry is still customary in the country. Indias illegal dowry system leaves women vulnerable to abuse and even murder. Every year, an estimated 25,000 women8 in the country are maimed or killed over dowry disputes. Dowry-related crimes are often perpetuated by grooms and mothers-in-law who are not satisfied with the dowries that the brides family gave them.Victims of dowry murders are usually killed by being doused with kerosene and set aflame with a lighted match. The family of the groom will then say that the death was a suicide or a kitchen accident. Police are oftentimes bribed into corroborating the claim. Families who are able to afford very expensive dowries, on the other hand, are often left impoverished and with exceedingly heavy debts.In pre-colonial India, upper- club families observed the dowry system in order to help defray marriage expenses and to enable the bride to live on her own should she leave an ab usive marriage.9 But the British introduced homogenized and systematize laws into the country, resulting in male domination of the local economy.10 Only men were allowed to own land and work outdoor(a) the home. In the process, boys gained higher brotherly worth than girls.These social, political and economic conditions led to the transformation of the dowry system from a wedding gift to a form of payment11 to a man for marrying a woman. Because Indian women were no longer capable of owning land or working outside the home, parents wanted to do away with their daughters as early as possible. As a result, they lured potential husbands with expensive dowries. The families of these men, on the other hand, viewed the dowry system as an opportunity to pay off heavy land taxes that the British imposed on them.12Dowries took on a new form in the 20th century. During this period, families of prospective grooms demanded costly dowries in order to progress up with the consumerist lifestyl e associated with capitalism.13 To convince families of potential brides into paying, Indian men, particularly those from the upper classes, capitalize on their eligibility, social prowess and caste.14 The higher the qualifications and the caste, the higher the dowry required. Indian families regard marriage to a higher caste as the fastest way to social advancement.15

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Drugs State Control Essay Example for Free

Drugs State Control EssayA medicate is whatever substance that alters the normal biological functions of the body. Production of Illegal medicines is normally prohibited and their use is strictly controlled because they privy lead to addiction or habituation. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana can be extremely stark if wrongly employ and beneficial if put into correct use. The issue of medicate use and misuse has comprise a serious real problem. Prohibition of drug use has been at the center of discussion in various countries crosswise the globe. Since this drugs argon now on the hands of the nastiest criminals all over the world, control and regulations atomic number 18 necessary. The notwithstanding remedy to this imperil is full legalization accompanied by appropriate controls. I amply support the motion that drugs should be legalized since prohibition willing deny the authorities the chance to get the children on proper use of the drugs (Gar garo). The ongoing debate on legalization of drugs is asking the organisation whether it will armed service in solving drug problems appropriately.If I were asked a similar question, I would say yes. This is because the current prohibitions on drugs are just mopping up the problem and not providing real solutions. Legalization and taxations are the only ways finished which real solutions can be achieved. Just think of this situation at least(prenominal) every year in Britain, criminals control billions of pounds in the drug industry instead of the government and traders through the black market. This kind of business has encouraged global terrorism, illegal munitions trade, control on prostitution, and sexual slavery. well-nigh half of all the criminal offenses committed in the country are drug related. Couldnt lessen these crimes free our legal services and prisons at least for a moment? Unnecessary prohibitions on drug use has led our children into committing drug related cri mes, and this has denied them the lots needed advice on drugs, besides undermining our respect for the fairness.The government should in that locationfore arrogate the obvious step, put all the drugs farming control, and impose legislation and taxes on their sale. This will relieve our country the burden of staggering under unnecessary prohibitions (Gray). Prohibitions on drug and substance squall such as alcoholic beverage have been in place since the 1920s in the US and another(prenominal) developed countries. It has made people believe that taking it is a criminal activity, which can land individual in jail. The ill effects of the drugs and alcohol are so adverse such that no sane person could like to be associated with them by using the drug. So many people are positive(p) that these effects are harmful, and have successfully restrained from the habit. It is good to establish such a law in the society, and to the highest degree government has effectively controlled dru g abuse since time immemorial through prohibitions. For example, the alcohol prohibition act of the 1920s straind effective because cases of alcohol consumption greatly dropped even though it did not succeed in eliminating the alcohol.The rate of crime and drunkenness dropped and taxes were reduced by putting the offenders in jail. Minor crimes such as vagrancy, public indecency, and disorderliness have been successfully eliminated use to these prohibitions. This is enough prove that this method really works (C.S). Prohibition of drug use in countries such as the linked States, Britain, and other parts of the larger Europe has proved to be futile and the war on drugs in these societies has ca employ multiple harms to the users. Since prohibition is aimed at increasing price and penalty of a serious drug habit, it requires it unaffordcapable for most individuals. Penalizing the use of the drugs drives the law- abiding individuals into the criminal market economy. Criminalizing use rs and prohibitions exposes them to health risks that could have otherwise been avoided. In addition, it doesnt make sense to criminalize some drugs while providing a free market to others. This distracts attention from legal to those that are harmful but legal, such as alcohol.The prohibition on drugs has never and will never work. This hear of trying to deny people their right of doing what they want with their bodies is doomed to fail as long as the person using the drug does not harm his or her neighbor. The current method that has long been used to fight the drug war is very expensive and has not yielded any meaningful results. It is a simple solution that has all along failed to recognize the complexity surrounding the problem. It has also been oblivious of the dangers a drug has on the individual. Full scale legalization of the drug act will enable the state to educate the public on risks associated with drug use, and how such problems can be taken care of. While there is a possibility that the act of legalization of drugs will attract more users, their lives will be much healthier and safer.Let us not get speculative here, since we are aware of people who used to take drugs but still leading healthy lives. For instance Barrack Obama to have taken cocaine (Hope). The common myth surrounding the whole idea of legalizing drugs is that it will make people law abiding citizens, and enable the government to tax the industry. However, I am not sure whether the cartels will be nave enough to allow the government takes over such a lucrative business. If the cigarette market has been able to evade the governments taxing system, what about this industry that has an elaborate network of producers and illegal suppliers in the market?Legalizing and taxing drugs as some argue is not a solution to the drug menace in the world today. The reason is that the black market will be given an easy direction to groove is because the act will be made socially acceptable. It will be much easier to take these substances to the market under the legalization act as opposed to government regulated outlets. This would also plus funding for the crime because the drugs will be easily accessed by users who can in turn coax non-users since there are no laws prohibiting the act. What are the results? The drugs will circulate in the society, destroy more lives, bust families, and cause people to be violent. Even if the current war on drugs is not effective, legalizing drugs is much worse and should not be passed into law (James).ConclusionThe war on drug has brought more harm than good, and the indemnity on drug use has failed to protect the people it is intended to. In Mexico alone, the war on drug policy has claimed close to 14,000 lives since 2006. This figure does not however include those people who have been traumatized, maimed or displaced. Prohibitions on drug use have resulted in wars between the authority and the users in most cities across the worl d, and this battle seems not to be coming to an end any time soon. The war on drug should therefore, be stopped and pave way for the government to impose control measures and legalize the whole business. I support this motion because I believe that the outcomes of such a move would be beneficial, both for the state itself and in the fight against global drugs crime.

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United States and Israel Essay Example for Free

coupled States and Israel experimentThe kin between the get together States and Israel should be realized as different and unique in its get rights since both parties be distinct in their own way, gaining political, economic, and cultural independences that influenced and continuous to influence so many an(prenominal) separates. It flowerpot be s advocate that for such a small country, Israel has acquired importance far beyond its size, not however politically but socially and culturally. It is apt to say that, today the United States is the l star superpower, carrying commodious legions might, capable leaders wielding economic and cultural strengths enabling vast influences of unparalleled scope. Owing to the bite of both parties, it will be astonishing to note if a consanguinity forged between this cardinal did not possess certain distinctness as well. A variety of til nowts both done and only as a result of circumstances, envelope this US-Israel relationship. both(prenominal) carrying slack/criticism and praise for forging such a strong tie that transcends all political, moral/ethical, social and cultural chemical bonds. This paper attempts to investigate the relationship between the two countries and how it was developed and sustained all throughout the years.And the answer the pressing question of its option in the recent changing strata of economy, cultural and political powers and perspectives. Roots The US-Israel relationship began in 1948 when President Truman of the United States readily make outs the sovereignty of the Jewish state, but in spite of this it is evident that the US did not truly acknowledge Israel by adapting a neutrality act that pr eveted sale or transfer of military weapons to Israel (Cristol, 2002). It displace as well as be realized that Israel contour lineed a closer relationship with France rather than America (Leiber, 1998). unless despite these primary dimensions the progression of the American-Israe li connection was far from steady progressions. It can be said that the relationship at first was neutral at most and aid to Israel was slow, whether it be economic or military assistance. This relationship was slow in coming, it took many steps before an actual relationship was represented. A budding military relationship started when President Johnston started selling military weapons to Israel around 1965-66.Reinforced by Israel success with its military efforts against other nations, particularly that of the Soviets, American analysts started to realize that Israel has become a major regional power capable of aiding them in their Mediterranean and Middle East efforts. Israels defeat of the Soviets and its subsequent aid to the US in the form of information regarding Soviet weaponry and tactics were significant in the US military efforts in southeastern Asia and during the Cold War.The intensifying war, the Cold War to be precise, also intensified US-Israel relationship, as the US looked to Israel to be its stable, reliable ally in the region and as Israel responded as such, the relationship strengthened. Israel in turn was recognized as a strategic asset rather than simply being an ally (Steinberg, 1998). Israel was very untold in the thick of the Iran arms sales as well as becoming the channel to move US arms to Central America.The US and Israel share common goals, passions and advocacies, the special relationship between Israel and the United States has come to rely on deep-seated factors, Sharing a commonality that enabled them to work together includes. Democracy. Both Israel and the United States hold democracy and liberty with the highest consideration. Note the fact that Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East. Immigration. Not unlike the United States, Israels population is that of immigrants. Welcoming the embracers of Zionism, the Jewish national sac movement.While, the United States, the land of greener pastures, immigrant s consists mostly of those wanting to work in the US, seeking higher pay and go against work environment. Economy. Both Israel and US economies value free market. Each committing to competitiveness, international trade liberalization plunk for and multilateral trading. Education. It can be noted that both countries exhibit high regard for good learning for its citizens. Both nations firm believers of education as an integral part in shaping a nations time to come thru proper education of its young.A mutual support system. Israel was also one of the first to support the US in its efforts to deepen security by cooperating with the US Department of Homeland Security for education of initiatives to enhance such, also supporting the US in many of its endeavors with the United Nations as the US continues to demand aid and assistance to its Israeli counterpart. This framework shows many areas of partnership that enabled US-Israel relations to grow in proportion and depth. But like an y other relationship, this forged relationship did not come without problems and strains.Relationship strains came in the form of American pressure on Israel to withdraw its forces in the Sinai Peninsula. Israels role in the Suez operations in 1956. The AWACS being sold to Saudi Arabia, the Lebanese Massacre of Palestinians in 1982 and the intifada. All bearing strain on the relations between US and Israel. It can be guessd that sometimes differences in opinions and goals can sometimes bring in strain to a steady friendship but it is duly noted too that the bond of this relationship is very deep and rooted, it will not be easily deferred and it remains to be so. outside POLICY It can be surmised that these two nation forge a cooperation that is surprisingly balanced, if you weigh it against a retch of international issues. The Unites States continues to be Israels power patron, with the US backing Israel financially and politically even to the point of strain with other allies. It can be seen that Israel shows its allegiance to the US by voting with the Americans in United Nations General Assembly votes 95% of the time, even in consideration of other countries recognized as close to very close American allies.It will be noted that through the years, Israel has supported the US, even to the extent that they are the only ones behind the US. This support can be deemed blind and maybe one of the reasons for the US continued alliance with this country. Continuing U. S. Support strategy wise There may be a strategic and logical reason for US continuing support of Israel, it is noted as follows ? Israel has in effect stopped victories by radical nationalist movements in not only Lebanon and Jordan, but in promised land as well. ? Syria, a known ally of the Soviet Union for many years, has been kept in chasten by Israel.? Predominant air force in their region is Israels Air Force ? It can be realized that the many and frequent wars engaged by Israel provided an a ctual testing ground for US weapons, and usually against its major counterpart the Soviet Union. ? That in order to support unpopular movements and regimes, Israel has become an American channel in providing military assistance, weapon sales to Islamic Republic of Iran, military junta of Guatemala, the Nicaraguan Contras, and the likes. ? Not only once did the Israeli intelligence assist US military operations in covert and intelligence gathering operations.? Israels intelligent military has developed missles and weapons capable of annihilating the Soviet Union and not only once did it assist the US military in the research and development of new weapons, jet fighters and defense systems more capable of protecting the state. Conclusion It may not be a match made in heaven, but mutually working for each other and benefitting from it, it may well be as close as it can get. Many believes that the US support for Israel range from insane to absurd to illogical and even outright dumb.The special relationship forged by US and Israel is a mixture of causative factors that enabled this relationship to flourish including historical memory, regional security and stability considerations, the US national interest, religion and communal ties. It can also be partly due to personal sonority and friendships built by heads of the states. Although it is understandable that not many understand this ties, especially when they see the very people, Americans are supporting, killing and salvaging a great many people they believe to be enemies.They tend to think of it as utter hypocrisy. But it has to be believed that many great American presidents supported and aided Israel and one cannot surmise their actual reasons behind it, but it can be surmised that ultimately US Officials think of the nations interests and being canful to private/confidential information may have led them to continue their support for Israel despite how it is seen by the public for in the end, its still the nations general welfare that they are after.Works CitedCristol, J (2002) When did the US and Israel become allies. History News Network. Online retrieved 21 Feb 2008 from http//hnn. us/articles/751. html Leiber, R. (1998) U. S. -Israel relations since 1948. Meria Journal 2(3) 11-20 Steinberg, G. (1998) Israel and the United States can the special relationship survive the new strategic environment? Meria journal 2(4) 61-81

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Chemical Policy Regulation Essay Example for Free

chemical essence Policy Regulation EssayThe European Commissions Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals ( stretch) is a refreshing system wherein manufacturers, distributors, and importers be readd to sign-in their chemical inventories into a centralized database, along with information on corporeal and chemical properties, safe handling, hazards, and social functions. Substances with carcinogenic, toxic, or mutagenic activity impart require permission before world used, and whatsoever chemical whose risks be too unmanageable go away be banned for use. nominate will thus be an aid in the management of information on chemicals, since it will demand that unheard-of data on chemicals currently in use be determined for registration purposes, and that new chemicals to be used by industry will now accommodate a standardized procedure for the encyclopaedism and distribution of information and control on their use. In detail, clutches will operate in the stylus described in the following sentences. First, parties dealing in chemical products will be required to ship a dossier of information on chemicals that they handle that argon produced in excess of 1 metric meitnerium annually. Basic information will be required of chemicals dispensed in the range of 1-10 metric tonnes, dapple more will be asked of chemicals distributed in larger quantities. As an example of additional data that will be required, substances produced in excess of 10 tonnes annually should shit an associated chemical safety report in which the hazard and risk judicial decision of the substance for specified uses must be come forwardlined and how the risks posed by the chemical can be adequately controlled for these uses. star component of the assessment is an exposure scenario, a abbreviation of the use(s) and appropriate risk management measures for the substance studied. All the safety data then submitted for substances of very heights gear concern and ch emicals used in bulk will be evaluated by a panel of experts, and any chemical whose use cannot be justified in terms of its risk of use being beneath control or its socio-economic value outweighing risks con typefacered will be subjected to a phase-out and replacement with safer alternatives, if there are any. accomplish in effect is an carrying out of the venerable precautionary principle, one statement of which being that the saddle of proof of a chemicals ability to deal severe or irreversible reproach should be foisted upon the advocates of the chemicals use, in the absence of evidence that the chemical is safe for use.To illustrate the grandeur of the precautionary principle, one only needs to look at dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and the organochlorine ladicides that followed. At the epoch of their introduction, they were widely accepted and hailed as being much safer than the inorganic pesticides such as the arsenicals that were then the mainstays of pest con trol. It was only after many years of use that their deleterious effects towards humans health and the environs became noticeable. In short, the tenet innocent until proven guilty is not to be applied to chemicals that may require years of use before exerting ill effects, and by then the damage done may already be too difficult or impossible to undo.REACH aims to address issues such as safety, the phasing out of substances of concern, and the encouragement of innovation in industry. In detail, REACH can address health issues because, by its very nature, it will prevent the unnecessary use and needless release into the environment of substances whose risk of use cannot be justified as against the benefits that can be accrued.In this respect, if it can be shown that a substance chthonic scrutiny has no justifiable reason for its continuous use because of the availability of environmentally clement alternatives, its phase out will be implemented as soon as possible. Finally, indus try will be spurred, in theory, to research possible replacements for the hazardous chemicals that they currently use due to the pressure exerted by REACH to limit or stop the use of hazardous chemicals, paving the way for innovations.To facilitate the implementation of REACH, the European Chemicals Agency will be established in Helsinki, Finland. The Agency will serve to engineer the majority of the work related to chemical regulation and paygrade. Members of the European Union still wield responsibility, however. A large portion of the data gathered through REACH will be publicly accessible.The edict aims to protect human health and the environment, but the risk of negatively impacting the European economy has been brought up by concerned parties. Efforts to strike a happy medium have been going on for several years.One side has talked about increases in the incidence of cancer and disorders related to the malfunction of the endocrines, while the other side has focused on burge oning red tape, rises in costs and loss of jobs as businesses move away from Europe. Groups with vested interests in the chemical industry have been accused of lobbying to water down in the mouth REACH for their benefit. As such, there are groups that say that REACH has loopholes that can enable unscrupulous industries to persist in using substances of very high concern for their convenience.While industry has sought to have REACHs requirements loosened, European trade unions and environmentalists have joined forces in arguing for strong legislation. It is said that one in three work-related illnesses in the 15 older EU member states is due to chemical exposure. REACH as well as enjoys the backing of consumer groups and medical associations.A limitation of REACH is that it only applies to chemicals manufactured in or imported into the EU, and therefore is not applicable to chemicals that are incorporated into finished products. So a product like a television, or computer or sham poo made impertinent the EU could contain chemicals that are not registered beneath REACH providing they are not banned under specific safety regulations (such as lead).Polymers (plastics, rubbers, and ilk) are excluded from the auspices of REACH for the time being, but monomers, or the chemicals used to make them, will still be cover by REACH. Pesticides, biocides and human and veterinary pharmaceuticals are also exempt from REACH, the rationalization being that they are regulated under a different legislation from industrial chemicals. Industrial byproducts and waste are also not cover by REACH, but substances produced from waste or substances used in the processing of waste are covered by REACH.REACH defines what it calls substances of very high concern as substances that belong in any of these categories substances that are cancer-causing (carcinogenic), mutation-inducing (mutagenic) or interfere with the bodys reproductive function (CMRs) substances that take a long time to break down (persistent), accumulate in the body (bioaccumulative) and are toxic (PBTs) substances that are very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvBs) and substances that have serious and irreversible effects on humans and the environment, for instance endocrine disrupting substances. Any new results in light of the effects of a chemical under scrutiny on the environment or human health can influence its retention or phasing out. As an example of the chemicals that can fall under these previously mentioned classes, the previously mentioned organochlorine pesticides will fall under the PBT category Alar, a plant growth regulator that was pulled out from the market due to concerns about the mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of one of its breakdown products will fall under CMR, and the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which, although nontoxic, campaign to persist in the atmosphere to cause damage to the ozone layer will belong to the vPvB category. Note that a chemical only has to sati sfy one of the set criteria of a certain category to belong. Hazard triggers are an approach where substances of high concern are classified according to the hazards they present when tested in non-homogeneous models. Hazard triggers can be used as an adjunct or substitute for risk assessment since it is usually faster and cheaper to use such. However, extrapolating results of lab tests to what can happen when a chemical is used outside the lab is not always accurate.It has happened in previous times that there were chemicals that exhibited no injurious effects in lab tests and were subsequently shown to be unsafe when used in the field. Conversely, there have also been cases where a chemical that was initially shown to cause serious health problems in animal models was barred from tho use even if subsequent tests demonstrated that its use poses no risk to human health. As such, the evaluation of a chemicals safety based on hazard triggers should proceed on a case-to-case basis, a nd should be thoroughly scrutinized. Example hazard triggers include persistence (measured in terms of half flavour in soil or aquatic medium), long-range transport (quantified by the DT50), and ecotoxicity (of which the LC50 is the quantifying parameter). aims of REACH controversial issues associated with the legislation substances of high concern hazard triggers and risk assessment the implications of REACH for Environmental protectionReferencesBBC News (2005) QA REACH Chemicals Legislation online accessed at http//news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4437304.stmDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural personal matters (2004) Government Response to the Royal Commission on Environmental pollution Report on Chemicals in Products, Cm6300, HMSO online accessed at http//www.defra.gov.uk/environment/chemicals/ukpolicy.htmEuropean Commission (2006) REACH in Brief, based on common fleck of the Council online accessed at http//ec.europa.eu/enterprise/reach/index_en.htmThe Lowell Center fo r Sustainable Production (nd) REACH The New EU Chemicals scheme A New Approach to Chemicals Management online accessed at http//www.chemicalspolicy.org/reach.shtmlREACH Compliance (2007) http//www.reach-compliance.eu/english/index.html

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The Psychological Effects of Marijuana Essay Example for Free

The Psychological Effects of Marijuana EssayCannabis sativa, a plant characterized with the psycho sprightly normal tetrahydro provokenabinol (THC) is the main comp atomic number 53nt of hemp. Cannabis or washstandnabinoids has a varied class of identified ways. over 420 center fields are know composing cannabinoids and over 60 of which are the class which contains some viable mind-bending personal magnetic cores of the plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredients comprising 15 percent of cannabis. Marijuana, as a substance containing much(prenominal) active ingredient acts on the individual psyche that correlates to several mental dysfunctions. Marijuana is considered as one of the most popular group of cannabis known as the psychodysleptic drugs of hallucinogens. In analyzing several peer reviews of the personal effects of hemp habituate in reproduction, motions are raised on the appropriate methods by which causal inferences can be do. Acute and c hronic adverse effects of the substance on the health and psychological functions of hu macrocosm is highly dependent on the time and amount of ganja consumption. In a literature reinforce ment this claim, Wayne Hall explained in his paper entitled A simplified logic of causal interference, thither lays several measurements taken to explain the association between adverse health conditions with cannabis use. It is very unenviable to set criteria to analyze this phenomenon.Most scholarly journals has pointed out the effects of cannabis use, in the form of marijuana world-shakingly effects the c erstwhilentration of testosterone, estrogen and prolactin in plasma based on experiments conducted on animals. Clinical tests on kinds fluid need to validate this claim. It is too important to note that marijuana use in women would arrive modester levels of follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH and luteinizing hormone (LH). These changes in hormonal levels world-shatteringly affe cts the menstrual cycle, although it is noted that this could immediately stop once drug use is discontinued.Marijuana possessing the substance cannabinoid elicits its effects on body mechanisms through the endocannabinoid governing body. Gorzalka and Hill (2006) mentions that largely legitimate results reveal that both man and woman exhibit adverse effects on internal behavior depending on the dose and detail sex. (Gorzalka Hill, 2006) This involves that there is a significant role played by the endocannabinoid system in gentleman productive system.The agents of the substance distributed in the body system greatly affects that hypothalamus, testes and ovaries of humans as tested chiefly on animals. In recent literature, according to the review, presence of cannabinoid sense organs in the spermatozoon within the uterus constitutes the potential role of the endocannabinoid system in the procreative system and the maintenance of informal activity.. . (Gorzalka Hill, 2006 ) The ability of the substance to affect changes in the reproductive mechanisms of humans can become a potential source of treatments for knowledgeable associate dysfunctions.On the another(prenominal) hand, researches on the effects of marijuana in women suggest that there is a consistent finding on its effects on the intimate behavior of women including other species. From Kolodny et al. (1974) findings of women have increased sexual enjoyment because of marijuana and other related substances, due to increase in physical sensitivity and responsiveness. cogitate on reproduction, mainly in maternity among marijuana users, the cannabinoids component of marijuana has good lipid solubility allows the substance to affect the placenta with ease. In a cultivation of 12,000 women, 11 percent marijuana users have shorter motherliness periods. This consequently affects longer deliveries, visit birth rates and higher rates of deformities in their offspring. It is also known based on s cholarly journals that the behavior and cognitive functions of marijuana users and their child are affected by the substance cannabinoids.Cannabinoids compromise motherliness among marijuana users because the reduction in the gonadotropins and ovarian steroids are compromised once the active ingredients infiltrate the uterus of the woman. The substance has a relatively high soluble ability which regulates for absorpotion in the stallion body system. The cannabinoid sensory receptor, inherent in the uterus exhibits the ability to function in the reproductive organ and entailment of the AEA to levels comparable to the brain as in studies on the psychological effects of marijuana as a hallucinogen. This has been verified by Guo et al., (2005) following subsequent conclusions relating to this.Park et al., (2004) mentions that the adverse effects of cannabinoids on gestation.. raise the question of the natural role of the receptor in the system during pregnancy. (Park et al., 2004) S upported by genetic experimentation and molecular findings, the system is said to undergo changes during the progression of gestation in manner that is conducive to normal pregnancy. (Gorzalka Hill, 2006) Findings of such research suggest that the environment with the cannabinoid receptor, in the endocannabinoid system, may incur the success rate of the gestation period.Maccarone et al., (2000, 2002) focused on this findings to determine the level of association between the success rate of a pregnancy and the influence of the endocannabinoid system. The findings of the research are a determinant in a possible treatment to infertility as such recommendations entail provisions for a high level of efficient endocannabinoid system shall entail an unsuccessful pregnancy for hopeful women.As a conclusion with these researches, both cannabinoids and the endocannabinoids system is detrimental to the reproductive process in females. (Gorzalka Hill, 2006) To be able to achieve successful pregnancy, drugs which acts to increase FAAH activity through low concentration of the AEA levels, may be potentially used to improve fertility among women (Gorzalka Hill, 2006)In a teaching to analyze marijuana effect on female sex hormones, some subjects observed yielded lowered prolactin levels in short durations and concentration that is not significantly lower than the normal level. Recent findings concludes that cannabis, have no significant effect on women in the general population. The effects of the substance even is concluded having significant effects on sex hormones and sex drives of users. In previous research, several attempts to validate the findings of Kolodny et al. in 1974 were made to asses the effects of marijuana use in the decrease of testosterone levels. Subsequently a supporting finding claimed that there is such temporary reduction to testosterone level immediately after marijuana use. It is important to note that numerous studies after which proved no re duction in testosterone levels even in high dosage of cannabinoids, studies more often than not about the male reproductive system also failed to validate the reduction of testosterone levels associated with marijuana use. Kolodnys and colleagues study in 1974 initiated following research on the reproductive components in male with regards to marijuana use. Then, it was concluded that condescend cannabis users had lower sperm counts that occasional users. However, lack of methodology is assessing the sexual activity of respondents were made introductory to examination became one of the major criticism of the study. In a study testing the claim, observed men confined with high doses of cannabis have decreased sperm concentrations and sperm motility. However, the significant findings of the research have maintained that such levels are distillery within the normal sperm concentration and that slight rest can only be observed during the experiment.There still lacks the right evide nce to conclude that marijuana use is related to infertility. In a study, more women who are marijuana users have approached experts to seek admirer with their infertility issues than non-users. However, when this hypothesis was tested, the difference between the two variables range from 61 to 53 percent and became lower when researchers imposed controlled lifestyle factors with infertility.There is also the common finding of no association between marijuana use and the risk of early pregnancy loss. Reviewed researches also indicated an association between rates of infertility and marijuana use, or there is such decrease in the reproductive capacity among men who are marijuana users. The attempt to associate reproduction inabilities with regards to marijuana use is still unsupported by evidence in the scientific community, and the attempt to associate regular marijuana use and its effects on reproductive hormones is still continued.Several prior researches suggest that doses of mar ijuana substance enhance sexual activity and behavior. The effects of cannabinoid receptors on male sexual behavior have been regarded as a significant factor in minify ejaculatory threshold. Gorzalka Hill (2006) explained that as was observed in laboratory species, it requires fewer intromissions and shorter latency to attain ejaculation once sexual activity is initiated. This finding supports earlier assumptions made by some men that with marijuana use, sexual activity duration is increased.Although initial tests on the asperity of such claims on the effects of marijuana substance in testicular function were made on laboratory species such as rats and mammals, the level of alliance between the specie and human relatedness is comparable in context of these results. Melis, Succu, Mascia and Argiolas (2004) suggest that findings on the cannabinoid receptors role in the reproductive system, its effect on the hypothalamus also proves an induction of penile erection. The research de tailed the validity of other researches done in concluding that the receptor has an antagonistic property which in turn take in penile erections.Through these researches, data generated provides a background on how the endocannainoid system may have a profound role in regulating the processes associated with sexual response such as erection and ejaculation, consequently, that the system can also have a direct or indirect effect on particular sexual dysfunctions. In relation with this, following researches made by previous researchers, Wenger, Ledent, Csernus, and Gerendai (2001) tested previous claims of cannabinoid receptor activity in testis through demonstrating how cannabinoids regulates testosterone hiosynthesis.Gye, Kang, and Kang (2005) reviewed the former research and found cannabinoid receptor activity also present in the luminal epithelium of seminiferous tubules. (Gye et al., 2005) Following the activities of the receptor in reproductive organs, Rossato, Ion, Popa, Feri go, Clari and Foresta (2005) also attests to the evidence of the sperms possession of a functional cannobinoid receptor (Rossato et al., 2005) The authors of the study suggested that the human sperm consistent with this finding has reduced mitochondrial function and reduced sperm motility. The diverse and recent reviews of experts on the psychological effects of marijuana use in reproduction suggest the strong correlation between the substances effect on the reproductive process and its physiology. The reviews made have increased the research thrust of the field and has been incessantly evaluated for more than three decades. In the process, we learned that cannabis, the major substance influence marijuanas effects is significantly detrimental to the reproductive system of both males and females. The use of marijuana interrupts normal bodily psychological processes because it inhibits a receptor that interferes with the level of testosterone and fertility in men, and the ovulation a nd gestation in women. (Gorzalka Hill, 2006)Reviewed literature until today still lacks evidence to support that sexual behavior is affected by marijuana use. As mentioned, men can either find benefit or compromise in sexual behavior when marijuana is used. lit still lacks appropriate data to support the association because even with the possibility of increased sensitivity in terms of sexual arousal and responsiveness, marijuana can also adversely trigger the impairment of sexual motivation and drive that shall lead to sexual dysfunctions.Men are more sensitive to such changes in their hormones given the bodys reaction of cannabidon, but recent findings suggests that females find more benefits with marijuana use because of its inhibitory effect. This effect increases the level of sexual arousal and desire that may facilitate and enhance sexual activity as suggested by Gorzalka Hill (2006). (Gorzalka Hill, 2006). Although literature provides conclusions based on non-human testing , sampling non-human species gives a significant idea on how male react to the cannabinoid receptor and how women elicits sexual behavior after marijuana use. mates reviews on the topic has showed consistent trends and findings, however, to validate such claims, more research should be made to procure the occurrence of such effects in the psychological behavior of individual that use marijuana. Researches should also determine the effects, if there is, of cannabinoid, the component of marijuana, in the fertility of both men and women. Knowing how the cannabinoid receptor reacts with other reproductive organs does not provide concrete validation as to how it affects the reproductive viability. It was also mentioned that there is proof that cannabinoid receptors impair the healthy function of the testicular system however, more research should pursue to discover other possible receptors that can influence the reproductive process of humans. It is important to know viable factors th at contribute to disparate sexual dysfunctions in the body. This is not only to benefit people, but also those who have struggled to understand their reproductive process. The analysis on the psychological effects of marijuana can help determine appropriate treatments and medications in sexual dysfunctions. It is importance with this advocate to study the endocannabinoid system thoroughly and accurately. This knowledge and attempt is critical in analyzing the reproductive behavior of agents that either benefits or adversely antagonize the reproductive process.ReferenceGye, M., Kang, H. H., Kang, H. J. (2005). Expression of cannabinoid receptor 1 in mouse testes. Archives ofAndrology, 51, 247-255.Guo, Y., Wang, H., Okamoto, Y, Ueda, N., Kingsley, P. J., Mamett, L. J., et al. (2005). Nacylphosphatidylethanolamine-hydrolyzing phospholipase D is an important determinantof uterine anandamide levels during implantation. ledger of biologicalChemistry, 280, 23429-23432.Gorzalka, Boris B. Hill, Matthew N. (2006). Cannabinoids, Reproduction and Sexual Behavior. Annual Review of Sex Research, Vol. 17, p132-161Hall, W. (1987). A simplified logic of causal inference. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 21, 507-513, 1987.Kolodny, R. C, Masters, W H., Kolodner, R. M., Toro, G. (1974). Depression of plasma testosterone levels after chronic intensive marijuana use. New England Journal of Medicine, 290, 872-874Kolodny, R. C, Bauman, J. E., Biggs, M. A., Webster, S. K., Dornbush, R. L. (1977, July-August.). Endocrine and sexual effects of female chronic marihuana use.Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Sex Research,Bloomington, IN.Maccarone, M., Valensise, H., Bari, M., Lazzarin, N., Romanini, C, Finazzi-Agro, A.(2000). Relation between decreased anandamide hydrolase concentrations in humanlymphocytes and miscarriage. Lancet, 355, 1326-1329.Maccarone, M., Bisogno, T, Valensise, H., Lazzarin, N., Fezza, F, Manna, C, et al. (20 02).Low fatty acid amide hydrolase and high anandamide levels are associated with failureto achieve an ongoing pregnancy after IVF and embryo transfer. Molecular HumanReproduction, 8, 188-195.Melis, M., Succu, S., Mascia, M., Sanna, F, Melis, T, Castelh, M., Argiolas, A. (2006).The cannabinoid receptor antagonist SR-141716A induces penile erection in male rats betrothal of paraventricular glutamic acid and nitric oxide. Neuropharmacology, 50,219-228.Park, B., McPartiand, J. M., Glass, M. (2004). Cannabis, cannabinoids and reproduction.Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, 70, 189-197.Rossato, M., Ion Popa, F, Feriggio, M., Clari, G., Foresta, C. (2005). Human spermexpress cannabinoid receptor Cbj, the activation of which inhibits motility, acrosomereaction, and mitochondrial function. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism,90, 984-991.Wenger, T, Ledent, C, Csernus, V., Gerendai, I. (2001). The central cannabinoid receptorinactivation suppresses endocrine reproductive functions. Biochemical and BiophysicalResearch Communications, 284, 363-368.

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African American Musuem Essay Example for Free

African American Musuem EssayThe African Museum in Philadelphia is notable as the first museum funded and built by a municipality to help preserve, interpret and exhibit the heritage of African Americans. subject during the 1976 Bicentennial celebrations, the AAMP is placed in historic Philadelphia, a few blocks away from the Liberty Bell. Charles H. Wesley was a storied African American historian, educator, and author. He was the fourth African American to receive a Ph. D. from Harvard University. An ordained minister, Wesleys distinguished c arer included 40 years of leadership with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1976, he served as Director of the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum in Philadelphia, now known as the African American Museum in Philadelphia. Programs The African American Museum that is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has some raise education programs. These education programs focus on arts, culture, and heritage education. They plac e a major emphasis on the interests of the students, educators, artists, historians, scholars, and community organizations. These programs offer diversity with scheduling. The programs explore various African forms of cultural expressions.In these programs there are literary performances, hands on demonstrations, workshops, and storytelling performances as well. The African American Museum in Philadelphia feels its programs can be a vital link between the permanent and visiting collections for the many communities they serve. Exhibitions The exhibitions in the African American Museum in Philadelphia can some to be pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the mind. According to the African American Museum of Philadelphia these exhibitions enkindle a deep collection of emotion ranging from pride and passion to excitement and enthusiasm.When visitors enter the museum they will put in to Gallery 1, which includes a interactive timeline, images draw from historical record, that spans 100 years of history. In Gallery 2 there are full size video projections in which visitors can in engage in them. Once they are activated, a monologue about life in Philadelphia will begin. Some otherwise aspects of the exhibit include an experience where you can walk the streets of Philadelphia through a large scale map, which is located between galleries 1 and 2 .

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William Henry Pope Essay Example for Free

William Henry pope leavenWilliam Henry pope was born in Bedeque, P.E.I on May 29,1825. The elder son of James pontiff and Lucy Colledge. He was educated on P.E.I and later in England, he was studing Law. He was called to the bar in 1847, In addition to practicing Law, he acted as a land agent. Through the 1850s he became very involved with the Concervative Party. He began his official political career in 1859. He was not elected that year, but was appointed colonial secretary new policy of nondepartmentalism an effort to combat patronge. He also became the editor of The Islander, a handsome Conservative newspaper. With the differences between the Protestants and the Catholics, Pope became involved with the attempts in reconciling their differences, with many failed attemps the matter was given up in favour up of solidifying Protestents support of Concervatives.Resulting in a Conservative win in the 1863 general election. Pope won a seat as a member for Belfast. In 1866, Pop e resigned his seat and did not run in the 1867 election. After resigning from the legislature, he continued to support the Confederation causa by writing letters and doing lectures, and rebuilding the Conservatives into a Pro-union Party. It was his coalition that led the island into Confederation that July. William Pope remained as editor of The Island until 1872. With the coming of Confederation, he was appointed Prince County Court Judge. His term as judge was very successfull. In 1878, he did a revision and consolidation of thr provinces (P.E.I) statutes. Willian Henry Pope died October 7, 1879, in St. Eleanor, P.E.I at the age of 54. provoke facts James Colledge Pope, the government of Sir John A. Macdonald appointed him judge of the Prince County Court. He married Helen DesBrisay in 1851. Father MacDonald and William Pope had clashed in public concerning the temporal powers of the papacy. The reason for Popes resigning of his seat, was because his brother James passed a No Terms resultant against Confederation, while he was away on a trade mission.

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Rationalism vs Empiricism Using Descartes 2nd Meditation & Hume Essay Example for Free

freepersuasion vs Empiricism Using Descartes second Meditation Hume EssayQ3What ar the main differences between freethinking and empiricism as approaches to companionship? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, using Descartes (Second Meditation) as the example of a discerningist, and Hume or Locke as the example of an empiricist. In your view which approach better explains the common-sense companionship of the introduction that we take for granted? Common-sense knowledge is teaching we know and understand unproblematically. It could be that a spider has six legs, your two propagation tables or that in answering a multiple choice test, it is a good idea to ask a rubber and fill in your answers in pencil. It is learning gained from ordinary life. Epistemology is a philosophical boundary in reference to the nature and limitations of knowledge. It addresses firstly what is knowledge, secondly how is knowledge acquired and thirdly the limitations of knowledge. Rationalism and empiricism argon two approaches which seek to result answers to these questions (Cottingham, 1988). Empiricism perceives that the development of concepts and ideas are dependent on the senses (Markie, 2008). Alternatively demythologizedism ascertains that reason, perception and deduction are the ultimate vehicles to acquiring knowledge, not sensational(prenominal) experience.These theories do not inevitably exist in opposition of each other, but layabout co-exist to describe how 1 views the acquisition of knowledge in different fields (Markie, 2008). Throughout this essay, I allow for discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each view using Descartes Second Meditation in contrast to Humes Enquiry Concerning the Human Understanding. I will then elaborate how the Empiricist perspective provides a better explanation to common sense knowledge of the world we live in. Rationalism Rationalism is a method in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory bu t intellectual and deductive.The rationalistic perspective survives on the assumption that firstly, there is a rational bodily structure to the world and secondly, that people have the expertness to comprehend it. It utilises the deductive methods of logic to provide a prototype for all human knowledge and relies on intuition (Markie, 2008). This is not always the case, so this philosophy cannot be relied in all circumstances. Rationalism is founded on the thesis of Intuition/ tax write-off, thesis of ingrained Knowledge or Innate Concept thesis separately or in some combination (Markie, 2008).The Intuition/Deduction thesis proposes that in a particular subject area, some information is known by intuition alone or that knowledge is gained by deduction from intuited propositions. Experiences are incapable of developing ones knowledge but can change state thinking causing knowledge to progress from un thought to consciousness (Cottingham, 1988). The Innate Knowledge thesis assert s that some knowledge is inherent within humanity same(p) DNA, as part of our rational nature. The Innate Concept theory is based on the assertion that some of our concepts are not gained from experience (Markie, 2008).The rational nature organically possesses an individuals concepts. Sense experiences major power catalyse a process by which concepts are better understood but experience does not provide the concepts or determine the information they contain, rationality does (Markie, 2008). Other minor theories which are used less significantly to endorse Rationalism are the Indispensability of origin Thesis and the Superiority of Reason Thesis. The Indispensability of Reason theorem states that we gain knowledge in a certain area when we utilise deduction and employ intuition.The Innate concepts and instances could not have been gained through the sense experience. The second strain stems that knowledge gained a priori through reasoning is superior to that gained through experi ence (Markie, 2008). In reference to Descartes Second Meditation, he explains how rationality can be used to pick up information that is not completely provided by the senses through the example of the hats and coats (Descartes, 1984). Rationalism can provide knowledge which is otherwise unattainable Something which I thought was seeing with my eyes is in fact solely grasped by the faculty of judgement which is my mind. Empiricism Empiricism is the other branch of epistemology, where knowledge is discovered through experience and observation, modelled on natural sciences. Knowledge is a posteriori catalysed by a sensory experience (Markie, 2008). Empiricism is not based on a definitive complete rational system of knowledge but does provide verifiable understandings and information, useful for everyday life (Hume, 1975). In David Humes man An enquiry concerning the human understanding and concerning the principals of morals, Hume purports that themost lively thought is still inferi or to the dullest sensation. Hume interjects that thoughts and ideas are less lively perceptions in contrast to impressions where we are encouraged to feel, experience and will (Hume, 1975). He labours his eyeshade through the example of the man in a fit of rage, as opposed to someone thinking of espousing those feelings. Rationalism only recalls the information or experience. It is incomparable to the intensity from the original experience provided by empiricism. It might appear that thoughts are without the identical restrictions the body possess (Hume, 1975).In reality they have narrowly intent limits with no more creative power than compounding, transposing, augmenting or diminishing the materials provided by the senses. If a person is without the capacity of one of the senses, they are devoid of the information provided by that sense and are incapable of understanding information attached to that sensation (Hume, 1975). Restoring that sense enables them to receive sensory in put, enabling them to conceive the attached ideas. This proves the importance of the sensory experience and that without it understanding is impossible.Comparison In my opinion, Empiricism better explains the common-sense view of the world. This is because knowledge gained through rational thought however much you can understand it, is not engrained or integrated into your core beliefs to the same degree as that gained through tangible experience. Knowledge gained through experience is more strongly matt-up and can be considered to be superior to knowledge gained by reflection (Hume, 1975). Without an experience of the subject in focus, the information is detached and reflection cannot proceed to occur.Intuition and deduction, however relevant, are open to deception and can lead to inaccurate assumptions. People previously believed the earth was flat and the earth was the centre of the universe, as this information fit their current schemas. It made sense but lead to wrong conclusio ns as it lacked testing. It is through empirical observation that accurate insight was reached. Their rational thinking followed logical deduction and was believed to be correct collect to their intuition, but even rational thinking can be fallible leading to wrong assumptions (Descartes, 1984).It is turn out that when people possess strongly held beliefs, they perceive information in such a way to moderate their current understanding and deny opposing views, filtering out information that does not fit their current schemas like putting blinkers on a horse. Although they believe their thoughts to be rational, their powers of deduction are compromised and can be rationally wrong. This significantly limits their ability to gain knowledge (Descartes, 1984). Conclusion Rationalism and Empiricism are two clear different views relating to epistemology and the degree of input that the senses provide in the formation of knowledge.Rationalism through intuition, deduction and rational log ic ascertains certain knowledge which perhaps cannot be scientifically proven through observation (Markie, 2008). On the other hand, Empiricism understands the role of sensory experience and observation in order to develop ones knowledge. In reality, both are useful and even essential to the formation of any knowledge. References Cottingham, P (1988) The Rationalists, Oxford University Press. Oxford New York Descartes, R. (1984) Meditations.Second Meditation, The nature of the human mind, how it is better known than the body, translated by Cottingham, J. in The philosophic Writings of Descartes, vol II (Cambridge U. P. , 1984) pp 16-23 Hume, D. (1975) An enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Section 2, Of the Origin of Ideas (P. H. Nidditch, ed. , Oxford Clarendon Press, 1975), pp17-22. Markie, P (2008), Rationalism vs. Empiricism, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, viewed 2nd October 2011, http//plato. stanford. edu/entries/rationalism-empiricism/.