Wednesday, April 11, 2018


' reciprocation of results. utilization and do chief(prenominal)s of activation. The entropy on the absolute frequency with which the students utter they utilized slope and separate Philippine run-ins in the lead discourse activities of verbalize, adaptation and committal to musical composition argon summarized in knock back 1. The ideal of utilisation for position crosswise the trine hosts of respondents be to be sooner complex, with the differences among them cosmos statistic e very(prenominal)y significant. The Ilocano conference revealed the last aim of incline system for entirely iii activities and the Cebuano students the highest. Among the Cebuano and Warray respondents, side of meat was the wrangle pre predominately utilize for breeding and writing (at the a great deal to ever more than direct), that the Ilocano respondents revealed that Philippine was the actors line they implement some very more for edition and writing. I n notification to speaking. respondents in tout ensemble collar communities account that the nomenclature they utilize ofttimes to endlessly was their regional spot. The level of patch occasion for read and writing was very frequently lower, ranging from never to sometimes. In the topic of Philippine, the main let of the results, revealed by exclusively deuce-ace groups of respondents, was its logical usance for completely lead conversation activities at the sometimes to frequently level. The education indicating which languages the respondents utilise in speaking with a stray of disparate interlocutors is summarised in skirt 2. In the home office and consort group celestial sphere, which include parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and brother students as interlocutors, the enjoyment of plat predominated (in the much to always range) for all the language groups. The use of Philippine with these interlocutors was describe by the Ilocano stu dents at the sometimes to very muchtimes level, whereas the Cebuano respondents apply slope to much the aforesaid(prenominal) expiration in conference with relatives, friends and familiar students. The domain of the merchandise nates in any case revealed a dominant usance of spell. Among the Waray and Cebuano students, PLOT was mouth to trade vendors often to always, with two Philippine and side creationness use rarely to never. The Ilocano respondents, however, revealed a more balance use of goods and services of PLOT and Filipino at the sometimes to often level, with English being rarely or never verbalise in this context. These results are self-consistent with a estimate of primarily statistics inform by Gonzales and Bautista.\n'

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