Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kants Answer To Hume

Kants Answer to Hume Hume?s thoughts on metaphysics, more specifically causality, had a major impact on Kant. Although Kant disagreed with many aspects of Hume?s account, by writing a whole discourse devoted to it, it is taken for granted(predicate) that it influenced him greatly. The main disagreement was, for Hume causality was analytic and for Kant it was synthetic. In the Prolegomena, Kant tries to attend some of Hume?s errors, and at the same time tip over his skepticism. In Book I, Part III, ? 1 of the Treatise, Hume distinguishes two groups of philosophical relations: those which ?depend entirely on the ideas, which we compare to createher, and much(prenominal) as may be changed without any change in the ideas,? or ?Relations of Ideas;? and those which don?t depend on the ideas alone, or ?Matters of Fact? (Treatise 69). Contiguity, identity, and cause and effect belong to the Matters of Fact. If I meet the idea of my pillow and the idea of my bed , and nothing else, I crapper?t tell whether my pillow is close ...If you privation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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